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Rebelution | February 20, 2018

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Beloved Head Librarian to Retire

| On 30, May 2017


Practically every student at SBHS over the past 27 years has come into contact with Claire Buckley sometime or another. She is the face that greets you at the library front counter, or helps you with that bibliography you’re struggling with. She is also knowledgeable on the whereabouts of any book you’re looking for. Sadly, the 2016-2017 school year was Mrs. Buckley’s last year here at SBHS.

Mrs. Buckley started back in the early 90s as a long term substitute teacher and when the then head librarian ended up leaving, Mrs. Buckley stepped up. She has done practically everything a teacher can do here. She has taught, worked with both Sophomore Advisories and SLAM’s, and, of course, takes care of all our library needs.

When asked what she will miss the most about SBHS, her answer was immediate, “The people. Definitely the people, students and faculty. It is really just a good place to be.” She told the story of her first Sophomore Advisory and how all the students were worried about their presentations because no one knew what was going on. Mrs. Buckley said she honestly didn’t think the presentations would be a success, yet come presentations day she was blown away. Her students had just knocked it out of the park and it had pleasantly surprised and impressed her. She said, “[Sophomore Advisory] was a huge learning experience for me.”  Another thing she says she will miss is learning everyday. She hopes that even though she will not be in a school five days of the week, she can continue to learn from others.

Mrs. Buckley’s plans for the foreseeable future focus on traveling, being with her family, and just taking time to do things for herself that she hasn’t really had time for while working. She is looking forward to spending more quality with her grandchildren, and also working on her garden this summer.

It sounds like Mrs. Buckley will be happy in her retirement, but the environment here at SBHS won’t be the same without her. The students and staff  thank her for her all the work she has done here, and wish her all the best in the future.

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