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Rebelution | November 23, 2017

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Senior Editorial: Alex Chaulot

Senior Editorial: Alex Chaulot

| On 31, May 2017

You may not know of me from my literary works, but I have always been there to ease their passage to your computer. My name is Alex, and I am the technical editor for SB Rebelution. A few things you should know about younger me: 1) I was not a writer, 2) See the former.

This is a tale of how I ended up here. I was dragged to my first meeting by a friend, bribed mostly with donuts. I wasn’t quite sure what I could offer, considering I had never written a half decent article in my life. However, quite by accident, I grew to like and appreciate the people that worked on the paper. It was fun to watch a group of passionate people discuss and work on something that they were deeply interested in.

Three years later, I am still not a writer. I hope that their literary voodoo may have rubbed off on me in some way (I’ll let you be the judge on that after reading this), but I do know that Rebelution has made me a better person. It allowed me to help people and provided any internet user with just a bit more honest and well-written news.

My advice to younger people trying to make their mark or even just vent about the world at large: write. It helps make clear what you are trying to say and better articulate your thoughts. I believe that Rebelution is a great place to do just that here at SBHS. My advice to everyone else: Do what you love, and if you can help others along the way, that takes the cake.

Thanks for tuning in and be well.

Alex Chaulot

Technical Editor

Technical Editor
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