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Rebelution | February 20, 2018

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Senior Editorial: Rachel Norotsky

Senior Editorial: Rachel Norotsky

| On 31, May 2017

School newspaper was a group I had wanted to be apart of since the beginning of my freshman year, yet I was never able to find the time for it. I am so glad that I finally decided to join the staff this year as a writer and content editor. I have always had a passion for writing, and I thought that it was was one of my strong suits. Being apart of SB Rebelution has taught me that you could be the world’s greatest writer and your work could still be made better. I did not have any close friends on the staff when I initially applied for an editor position and began showing up to meetings, but I have grown closer to my fellow writers of all ages throughout the course of this year.

I feel as if I have grown immensely as a writer over the past nine months. The helpful critiques and criticisms that I have received from my peers has only strengthened my work. I also feel that I have stepped outside of my comfort zone with many pieces I have written this year. Up until my senior year, I generally kept the topics I would write about limited to narrative and fiction. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how fun writing opinion pieces is through being apart of Rebelution. I never would have thought to write about controversial TV shows or opinions on the Rebel name if school newspaper had not given me the push to do so.

Being a content editor for the paper has made me cognizant of how small details complement the big picture of any article. As I begin reading a piece, I no longer need to search for edits to make. My editing cap now comes on naturally due to how much content editing I have done over the course of this academic year for Rebelution. I know this skill will serve me well as I move on to a new school and embark in college-level writing. Being a writer makes me a better editor, and being an editor makes me a better writer.

My advice to any underclassmen who also consider themselves writers is simple: keep writing. High school can be incredibly stressful, but writing has served as a stress outlet for me at many times throughout my four years. Even when you have sports practice and AP tests and an impending trip to Spain: find the time to sit down and write. You’ll be surprised with how far it will take you.

That’s all for now SB. It’s been an incredible year. Whatever it’s new name may be, I know that SBHS Rebelution has great things to come in the near future.


Signing off,

Rachel Norotsky

Senior Editor

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